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Sonntag, 24. März 2024

Emacs 29.3

GNU Emacs 29.3 ist heute veröffentlicht worden. ./configuremakemake install lief unter macOS Ventura problemlos durch.

GNU Emacs 29.3 (build 1, aarch64-apple-darwin22.6.0, NS appkit-2299.77 Version 13.6.5 (Build 22G621)) of 2024-03-24

Der Programmstart ist ein bisschen umständlich, weil man erst den Paketinhalt des Programms anzeigen lassen und dann /Applications/ per Kontextmenü öffnen muss. Bisher alles wie gehabt.

Das Update ist diesmal sehr zu empfehlen:

Emacs 29.3 is an emergency bugfix release intended to fix several security vulnerabilities described below.

  • Arbitrary Lisp code is no longer evaluated as part of turning on Org mode. This is for security reasons, to avoid evaluating malicious Lisp code.

  • New buffer-local variable 'untrusted-content'. When this is non-nil, Lisp programs should treat buffer contents with extra caution.

  • Gnus now treats inline MIME contents as untrusted. To get back previous insecure behavior, 'untrusted-content' should be reset to nil in the buffer.

  • LaTeX preview is now by default disabled for email attachments. To get back previous insecure behavior, set the variable 'org--latex-preview-when-risky' to a non-nil value.

  • Org mode now considers contents of remote files to be untrusted. Remote files are recognized by calling 'file-remote-p'.

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